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"Jennifer is very helpful. And she is truly a friend and cares about her clients as so. She is amazing and gives great information!"
— Kay A.

"If you want a fighter ... an advocate for your side ... there is no one better than Jennifer M. Paine, Esq. at Pinnacle Family Law. She will fight and do her absolute best each and every time. If I needed her services again, I would not hesitate to engage her again ... no questions asked ... but hopefully I won't need her services again. But when I have needed another copy of anything to do with my case ... even though it has been nearly five years she will get it to me. Whether that's by snail mail or email. And I'll usually get it that same week ... even after contacting her on a Wednesday after hours."
— Andrew D.

"Jennifer has actually taken the time to help me out with my case, she is very knowledgeable, and she always seems to be working hard and cares about my case."
— Tommy K.

"Awesome lawyer — always protects you and your interests."
— Steve H.

"My daughter went through a nasty divorce and custody battle. Jennifer was always on top of the situation. She is a very knowledgeable and caring attorney. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a good attorney. I wish I could rate her higher than five stars."
— Kim P.

"Honestly, Jennifer has helped me in more ways than just court issues, whether it's being by my side even late at night and on weekends when I have emergency questions and concerns or just stressing about situations. I refer almost any one going through issues to contact her for legal counsel. Unfortunately five stars isn't a high enough rating for this page 10/10 would recommend her to any one in a custody battle."
— Tim H.

"Jennifer has always been available to me when I need her guidance, which can be at a moments notice in some situations. Her advice is always reasonable and in the best interest of all parties. It is important to me to have an attorney who keeps it classy when everyone else wants to sling mud, and Jennifer always has taken the high road and fights for our family with compassion. She keeps the big picture in perspective and chooses her battles carefully. We truly could not have a better advocate behind us and fully recommend her services in family law."
— Anya C.

"Thank you, attorney Jennifer Paine, for helping me and my family. You did a great job for us and it did not go unnoticed. Your skill and hard work is truly appreciated — I offer you my thanks, and my endorsement, as you are a capable and effective attorney. Please feel free to use me as a reference. My kids owe you a debt they'll likely never know or be able to repay. P.S. — just to let you know: You may have single handedly renewed my faith in the city of Detroit!"

— Client Review for a Kent County Custody Matter

"I appreciate you so much not only for meeting with me, talking to me, and offering your help! Being shot down so many times, just to have a few people in my corner does my heart good! Thank you for being there and advising me. I could never repay you for your time and efforts. Again thank you!"
— Client Review for a Wayne County CPS Matter

"It is only because of this firm that I am able to see my son after three years. Jennifer Paine really listens and fights for her clients."

— Client Review for a Midland County Custody Matter

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