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Is Child Protective Services At Your Home?

Michigan cares deeply about children's health and safety. But a visit from CPS should not be a blank check. State law means that CPS must have probable cause to investigate your home and family on suspected child abuse. We help you determine if that cause was present. If it is not, we can help you hold CPS to its legal standards.

Families in Michigan trust us for a reason. Our past successes are all the more reason to work with Pinnacle Family Law. We have offices in Novi and elsewhere in the state. Get a free consultation with a lawyer who understands. Dial 248-305-6484.

What To Do When You Suspect Child Abuse

A referral of child abuse and or neglect can be made by any person including a child, who has reasonable cause to suspect child abuse or neglect. You may report the matter to the Department of Human Services or any law enforcement agency. The information in a Child Protective Services complaint needs to be provided by the individual who actually has observed the alleged victim or had contact with the child regarding the complaint.

Contact the CPS Emergency Contact Number 855-444-3911 to make a report of suspected child abuse and or neglect.

Certain individuals must report suspected child abuse or neglect. If you are one of the following, you are a mandated reporter in Michigan:

  • Physicians

  • Licensed emergency medical care providers

  • Licensed master social workers

  • School counselors

  • Dentists

  • Audiologists

  • Licensed social workers

  • Teachers

  • Physician's assistants

  • Psychologists

  • Registered social service technicians

  • Law enforcement officers

  • Registered dental hygienists

  • Marriage and family therapists

  • Social service technicians

  • Members of the clergy

  • Medical examiners

  • Licensed professional counselors

  • Persons employed in a professional capacity in any office of the Friend of the Court

  • Regulated child care providers

  • Nurses

  • Social workers

  • School administrators


Employees of an organization or entity that, as a result of federal funding statutes, regulations, or contracts, would be prohibited from reporting in the absence of a state mandate or court order (example: domestic violence provider).

The following Department of Human Services employees also have a legal mandate to report suspected child abuse or neglect:

  • Eligibility specialists

  • Family independence managers or specialists

  • Social services specialists

  • Social work specialists

  • Social work specialist managers

  • Welfare services specialists


Making A Report Of Suspected Child Abuse/Neglect

Mandated reporters are required to make an immediate verbal report to CPS and a written report within 72 hours when they suspect child abuse or neglect. Mandated reporters must also notify the head of their organization of the report. Reporting the suspected allegations of child abuse and/or neglect to the head of the organization does not fulfill the requirement to report directly to DHS.

The verbal report can be completed by calling 855-444-3911.

Mandated Reporter Hotline

If a mandated reporter is dissatisfied with the response by DHS, they may contact the Mandated Reporter Hotline at 877-277-2585.

For more information about mandatory reporters, read these Michigan laws: Michigan's Child Protection Law


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