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Solving Your Family Law Matters

When navigating family matters, the legal process can be confusing and overwhelming. Add to it the stress of the importance of these transitions, and this process becomes even more difficult. In divorce and child custody, you want to ensure your assets and your family are protected. In adoption and marriage, you want to make sure some of the happiest moments of your life are stress-free and smooth.


Our primary attorney at Pinnacle Family Law, Jennifer M. Paine, can make the legal element of these events easier and alleviate the stress and the confusion. Call our firm for a free case evaluation: 248-305-6484.

We Work For You

Family law is not easy, but we make it easier. We will work together to formulate a solution that works for you. As a family law lawyer, Jennifer M. Paine knows mediation and settlements are important parts of the process. However, we are not afraid to take your matter to court when necessary. We are litigators, and we will be aggressive when we represent you. We offer services in these areas of family law:


Since Ms. Paine began practicing, she has been almost exclusively a family law attorney. She has the knowledge and the experience to help you in any of these matters and learn about your rights. Her extensive knowledge includes how military service impacts family law.


If you are concerned about your child and juvenile proceedings, Ms. Paine is available to help.


Contact Us Today


For a free consultation concerning your family matters, contact Pinnacle Family Services at
248-305-6484 . You can also contact us through email. Check our locations here. Nighttime and weekend appointments available.

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