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Parenting Coordination and Co-Parent Communication

Whether your Court has ordered you into a co-parent communication class or you and your ex
need to learn how to communicate or coordinate parenting, or both, we are here for you. Costs
are flexible, often more affordable than working through attorneys and/or litigating. We
provide all paperwork you need to obtain court orders for a coordinator and/or a
communication coach, as well as reports, as needed, to your attorneys and the Court.
Appointments are flexible – we regularly work in the evenings and over the weekend, to
accommodate your work and personal schedules.

What is PC and Coaching?

When parents have a hard time communicating, they may need a third party to intervene.
If mediation is ineffective or inappropriate for the situation, parenting coordination is another
option. Parenting coordinators help parents talk through differences and make child-related

How It Works

Parenting coordinators are specially trained professionals whose work focuses on helping co-
parents manage their parenting plan, improve communication, and resolve disputes. The role
of a parenting coordinator will vary based on what a family needs and what the court may

A parenting coordinator may monitor that parents are complying with their parenting
agreement, to educate and offer recommendations on ways to solve issues, or to even make
individual decisions for the parents based on what the court allows. A parenting coordinator is
there to work with the co-parents, yet the overarching focus of their work is to uphold the best
interests of the children and encourage each parent to do so as well. 

As a co-parent, you may be wondering if working with a parenting coordinator is in your best
interest. If you are always in conflict and cannot resolve issues with your co-parent, consider
the following reasons as to why working with a parenting coordinator may help. 

Why Agree to PC or Coaching?


  • You may spend less time in the courtroom.

  • It may reduce stress on your family.

  • It's an opportunity to improve communications skills.

  • Parenting coordinators will help to make the right decisions for your children.

  • Improved shared parenting means more time to focus on your children. 


Contact Us Today


For a free consultation concerning your family matters, contact Pinnacle Family Services at
248-305-6484 . You can also contact us through email. Check our locations here. Nighttime and weekend appointments available.

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