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Financial Security For You And Your Child

When you cannot provide for yourself and your child, it is easy to lose hope. You can feel completely out of control of your and your child's future. Child support is a tool that can provide for your child. Just as importantly, it should never leave you without resources to meet your basic needs. If you need to establish child support or a modification to your support order, Pinnacle Family Law will be able to assist you.

Are you prepared to fight? Your finances should not be taken lightly. Our attorneys are experienced litigators who make sure that the court accounts for your life. We tailor our services to your needs. Call our Novi office at 248-305-6484. We provide free consultations to families across Michigan and the Ann Arbor area.


We Do The Math For You


Michigan determines child support based on calculations that try to take into account:

  • Disparities in family income

  • Custody agreements and visitation time

  • How many children are in each home

  • Specific needs of your child (e.g., additional medical expenses for special needs children)

  • Other circumstances that can affect financial stability


But, this does not mean that the base calculation is always fair or that it sees the full picture. Our firm can help you negotiate a satisfactory arrangement outside of court, use our resources to find hidden income and advocate for you before a judge.

We also can obtain enforcement orders for delinquent child support payments.


Contact Us Today


For a free consultation concerning your family matters, contact Pinnacle Family Services at
248-305-6484 . You can also contact us through email. Check our locations here. Nighttime and weekend appointments available.

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