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Seeking To Adopt?

It is important to consult with an attorney prior to beginning your adoption journey so the different ways you can adopt are fully explained and your questions can be answered particularly about the laws in your state.

Are you a Great Lakes Region family looking to adopt? Before you begin, talk with the lawyers at Pinnacle Family Services. We help families set their future adoption up for success. Prevent extended procedures and emotional ups and downs. Call 248-305-6484 and start yourself off right.


Adoptions Come In Many Forms


In general, there are three types of adoptions:

International Adoptions — An international adoption is an adoption of a child born in a foreign country. The adoptive parents obtain a home study in the U.S. state where they reside, file the necessary paperwork with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and sometimes also with the local probate court/adoption agency, and then pursue an adoption in accordance with the laws of the foreign country. Some countries have Hague Convention specific procedures. For non-Hague countries, you must follow that country's specific procedures. These are complicated procedure either way, so adoptive parents almost always have a local attorney, a foreign attorney and an agency to assist.

Domestic Adoption — A domestic agency adoption allows you to adopt through a licensed child-placing agency in the U.S. Agency adoption is a two-step process. The first step of the adoption is the termination of parental rights, which gives the agency guardianship of the child and allows the agency to consent to the adoption. The second step occurs when the agency consents to the adoption and the adoption petition is filed by the adoptive parents to complete the adoption.


Private Adoption — A private, or independent, adoption is not performed by a licensed child-placing agency. This type of adoption is a direct placement between the birth mother and the adoptive parent. The state and local laws and procedures will vary.


Great Lakes Region Families Trust Us With Their Expanding Family


Your choice of an adoption attorney is crucial. Choosing the right attorney gives you access to a wealth of resources. Choosing the wrong attorney makes adoption a long and sometimes painful process. Pinnacle Family Services is the right place to look for help. Email us and start your adoption off on the right foot.

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